Twilights Dawn

While walking, just the other day,
I realized I didn't know the way
back to where I'd started out
and knowing this, began to doubt
the road I'd traveled couldn't lead
to the place that I would need
to end my journey, make my rest
when at last, at twilight's dawn
(was I simply the Almighty's pawn?)


 I close my eyes to convalesce.

So to in life, I sometimes fear
that home, and God, are no where near
That I may have wandered far away
where, when comes the close of day,
My shepherd will not show interest to
gather me home, left far from view.
He'll tire of me, his errant one
my roaming, fighting, loathsome ways
(but for me, his heart does blaze!)


 His ties to me I've all undone

But Still I trust that I can never be
far from the light of Love's sweet rays
and if I but turn to find His face
I'll find His sweet, eternal gaze...

For ever was He at my side,
and I from Him, not He, did hide...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first "published" poem, and I would be very interested in comments. Thank you...

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