Bad knight

saying goodbye

All that smack

Dripping from your trap

You are one ruthless Slack

Loose tooth

I pull away

From from your

Wiggly giggly

Unstable fable

About to be retold

And replaced

From my memory. . . .  


I am dropping the course

Withdrawing from the class

I tire of revising your crass

Enervated by each paragraph

jaded of each redundant line

I pleasure not in studying slime.


Bad knight

In your armor of rust

You have lost your bling

Gathering dust

All of your works are corrupt

And will amount to naught

Twisted mind

Conniving and ensnaring the blind

Who cannnot see past

your counterfeit find.

I pity those who will

become victim to your snare

but that is no longer my hitch

I will be by the ocean

Waiting for that gold fish.

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