Mud Pie Princess


I cannot stunt your growth

I cannot freeze the time

But I can make the most

of each precious moment sublime

and maximize its worth.

You are such a little princess

A living doll you are

One day you will run out for recess

And get mud all over your dress

I will look at you and smile

Wipe the smudge from your nose

And ask sheepishly how did you

get dirt all over your clothes?

For I was once like you

And I did not forget

The fun of squishing mud and dirt

Within my finger tips.

I love to watch you smile

see the twinkle in your eyes

Like catching a star

I make a wish to always be

Wherever you are

That pigeon toed walk

That curious little stalk

The world is your mystery to solve

When you’re quiet

you are deeply involved

In some sort of mischief

I catch you, you run

Fun, fun, fun.

How I enjoy the games we play

Like hide and seek

And up, up and away!

You are a highlight in everyday.

When you’re not with me

I deeply miss you, I must say.

Sleep tight mud princess

Rest on angels wings

Float on into dreamland

Escorted by the songs I sing.

I love you.

                     Your mommy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a beautiful daughter, her name is Gyenyame Gail Brown; She has brought mor joy to my life than I could have ever imagined.

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raila's picture

I could see a little girl on a spring/summer day playing. And of course I could see your smile. This is a beautiful piece. Very warm.