Lost Time

Once, I lay down on the grass

And gazed up at the sky

And saw the face of one I loved

In memories, alive.


I closed my eyes and thought

Of all the things I'd done

The way I ran away from love

And hid behind a mask.


Now that you're gone,

There's nothing but

The times

We left behind...


And so, I look up at the clouds

And see the heavens smile.

While tears blur the world around me

I give a slight, faint smile too.


Because I know exactly why

The sun is shining down on me,

And all the memories and dreams

Of all the things 

                        That could have been.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In memory of a loss

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Beyond_Words's picture

Very nice! I love how you

Very nice! I love how you express yourself here as the remorse drips off the paper. We have all been in this position at one time or another so this should be relatable to all. This is wonderfully written. Great job with this one also

willow's picture

Thank you! "the remorse drips

Thank you! "the remorse drips of the paper" exactly what I meant to do! Amazing! Thank you very much..