Third Rock of the APES

Bar the door closed the drapes

We are on the third Rock of the apes

Lock the gate block the street

Here come the marching monkey feet

Do not let them burn your town

Start it up and mow them down

 Monkeys come to burn your city

Their ignorance is such a pitty

Growing like demented Hogs

Time now to release our dogs


In the end the apes will see

They'll never conquer you or me

Burn the church tear down the steeple

That's why you can't call them people

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Please forgive me if I am

Please forgive me if I am reading incorrectly, but I take this as a riff upon, or response to, tne novel, Planet Of The Apes, by Pierre Boule, and the subsequent screen play for the first movie, on which the whole successive franchise begins, by the poet of science fiction and horror, Rod Serling.  I should like to have confirmation of that before I speak specifically to that point.

  Are you familiar with the film, Gettysburg, and the character, Kilrain's poignant monologue, approximately in the middle, about how to interpret people?  His use of the word, Pea-wit, is very germaine to the implications of his monologue, and I might suggest you give it a view or a listen.

   I do not like the star, Algol:  due to my youthful enthusiasm for the poetry of the great French diplomat, Paul Claudel, I find Algol's presence in the sky disturbing.  Yet, were I to vociferously object, or criticize its placement, I would not be criticizing Algol but the One who placed it there.  Having crucified Him in the flesh almost two millenia ago, we should not be so quick to criticize, or object to, those persons with whom, by His choice not ours, we share existence, this land, and this time-frame.


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Sad to say,

This is not about the Planet of the Apes but a put down of black folks rioting in the streets and burning down buildings,  The reference to apes is racist. No intellectual discussion had here.

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Oh, thank you, Uncle, for

Oh, thank you, Uncle, for joining the conversation; but I believe you lack authority to interpret anyone's poem.   Besides, I have the utmost faith that this poet can answer my question without your cheerfully offered assistance:  besides, unless he told you, how do you really know for sure that this is not a riff upon, or a response to, a source, as so many poems are; and, if so, what source?  However, the last sentence of your comment rings very well:  as applicable your own reply to my comment.  Or were you perhaps---and I shudder to ask it---referring to the poem itself?


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I was merely agreeing with Lyrycsyntyme's comment below mine. There seems to be a consensus forming to that understanding. 

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I agree that it does seem to

I agree that it does seem to have a racial bias, but it is expressed in a metaphor derived from Boule's novel or the film(s) made from it?  I was merely inquiring about the metaphor.


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I'd like to be incredibly

I'd like to be incredibly generous and give you the benefit of the doubt in your usage of the words "apes" and "monkeys", but your special emphasis in the title regarding the word "apes" doesn't leave much room there. I have to say that this is probably the most racist poem I've ever read on this site, by far. I hope you can find a better way to express yourself, and more so, look at the world. I wouldn't want people coming to my town and burning it down, either, but I think your words point to at least as many issues on your end.