A Cautious Return

The time has come to write the words

But the same man does not return

For I've finally have the love I need

And the one for whom it burned


I wrote in desperation past, 

That was unending and unmatched

But what was broken is healed and strong

The unfixable is patched


Love is a powerful thing isn't it?

It's all been said before

I knew but I didn't understand

That love is so much more


I knew that love can change your mood

And it made things all seem better

But I didn't not realize it's more than myth

Real love makes us who we want to be and more


Love isn't changing your personality

To be someone that you're not

Instead it changes you into who you want to be

It inspires growth you never knew you even wanted




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking about coming back here for a while. We'll see how it goes

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malia_faulkner's picture

I like it.

Hello, newbie here. Seriously, I liked it so much. Love is a really powerful thing, making people change. But it doesn't mean that it is bad for us. Thank you for explaining such difficult term into simple words.

allets's picture

Whomnever Recognized

And in excellent form. I left for a while, now I prose mostly and read and surf around welcoming new writers. I remember you, where is your list of work? - like me, time to re-publish. I am on hiiatus for a year, six months down before I write poetry again on pp (02-21-15) It was driving me well over an edge...too much of one thing etc. Welcome back. Hope you stay a while. Great write, bye the bye. - Just Bein' Stella