*Left Without You*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I'm here left without you 
But i must go on 
And look for something new 
But will always remember our song 


I'm going on without your kisses 
I'm going on without your touch 
I'm no longer called your misses 
All of this i wont lie i will miss so much 


But I'm left without you 
I will live to the next day 
I'm glad God gave me a chance to experience one that's true 
Maybe in the future we'll be together another way 


But until that happens my sweet 
I'll be left without you 
No other will i right now want to meet 
But i will no longer be down 
I will no longer let my self be blue 
Or no longer let myself wear a frown 
I will never hurt because of you 



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From the heart

To be left alone, be it death or faded love.  A sense of abandonment.  love certainly seems all or nothing.  I can resonate with personal memories and this poem.  Written 3 days before the big one.  With lessons learned and memories to draw from its good to see the strength to move forward is there.