*Never Satisfied*

Trisha M Barrek  Hopkins

You are never satisfied on what I do
Or what I say
I can try yo make you understand
But by that time my face would turn blue
You need to back off because I just might not be here one day
Let me pick where I want to stand

Stop trying to control me 
I'm not not your little baby anymore
Just let me do what i want to do
Let me be free
If I'm not allowed out then why am i paying rent for
Let me find my self let me be
Let for me for me.. do more


How am I suppose to learn wrong from right 
If you try to keep me locked away
Stop holding onto to the past so tight
It's time under your roof I no longer will stay


Once I find a place of my own I'm gone
You'll never see me again
Then you'll realize what you've done was wrong
No more sorry s so don't try send


Because no matter what i choose
You're never satisfied
Stop trying so hard You're going to lose
Everything you do is pushing me away
That you just realized 



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