Dreamt of Murky Waters

"Dreamt of Murky Waters"

I have this dream
In which I am a wanderer

Dark streams,

Of murky water
Washing over

No moon, nor stars
Do force any boundary

Eaten completely
Pitch Black, Empty

The sky above

No means by which
To measure this

The endlessness of time

Here is only the cold
Only the unforgiving

Currents flowing

Life’s murky waters
Endless, forever, pouring

Out of control

Constantly pulling
My head slips under
Tired of fighting
I learn to let go
Sinking beneath ever more
Towards darkness
Inescapable abyss
To unknowns below
Into the resting place
To life’s secret
The true meaning of it all
Letting go, I give myself
I am welcomed back home

By: jrfehlmann 2012

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Well this an interesting way

Well this an interesting way of thinking. You've got my brain working now.