Climbing So High

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If you look at me now,
See how I appear so small,
Crawled back up here from hell,
Were you dropped me off.
I am thirsty from the heat,
And the effort I put out,
Just to make to this place,
Above hopeless and lost,
Feeling a fraction better,
No where near the man I was,
Partially because I will not,
Open myself back up,
I’ve experienced a sort of trauma,
Dealt with loss the best I can,
Developed into this man,
Looking upward from the bottom,
Seeking the right way up,
Until I finally reach the summit,
See the sunshine,
Feel its warmth,
At last a healthy human being,
That’s not afraid of love.

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Oh this is beautiful! I love

Oh this is beautiful! I love it from the fiery pits of hell to the climb of the summit with a healthy glow of warm sunshine dusted on your skin, cool replete from those gates of hell. Thanks, warm regards SS

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