My Father at 101

I've bet my life that life is kind!
(Even as I see 'toddlers' being paddled for running in the road)
(Burning their fingers on the stove. Hot! Hot!).

He's bet his life that life is meaningless (and random)
We oppose each other. We oppose with all our force.

We are waiting for me not to mind, but so far I do. I do, and virulently.

'Kindness', (my word for the 'Universe), promised me that miracles would happen.

Nothing happened.......

But Something happened.

Newton's apple failed to fall on my head,
But Einstein sends me Waves, bending around space,
....falling upwards! rising downwards!

Seems we are really waiting for me not to mind.
It's my mind, we are waiting for.
Hurry Waves, inundate me!
How long can he wait, for me not to mind.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Our true struggles with each other....which continue. But I dreamed that he was relaxing in a lounge chair in a parking lot, while I was confused, and late, and could not remember which of four adjacent lots I was supposed to meet him so I finally arrived an hour late, but, not to worry, he was was just 'chillin'.

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saiom's picture

a lifetime of distillation

A lifetime of distillation has created this poem...

every drop of love and energy has borne fruit

all at once... the iceberg will slip into the sea

please keep writing

this is a magnificent poem