I caught a movie with vixen
She caught a movie with me
I wanted romance, she wanted drama
We ended with a comedy


I had feelings for vixen
She never really had feelings for me
I hid mine beneath my skin
She shared her’s freely


I went to the seaside with vixen
We had ice cream and danced on the beach
As we threw ourselves off the edge of the pier
She told me not to fall too deep


I started counting on vixen
She even started counting on me
I can't recall how many days it lasted
we lost count eventually


I shared a cigarette with vixen
She shared a cigarette with me
I kicked the habit every couple of months
She never stopped kicking me


I had a fall out with vixen
Well I guess she had a fall out with me
I was right, she was wrong

i lost more than the price of a movie

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You Were Right?

& all u lost was movie fare - ah, so much remembered - slc



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Years have passed, this is a

Years have passed, this is a distant memory, i am now married to my beautiful wife, I feel i have won so much more

My mother was a rainbow

My father turned her grey

they loved me like a sky lantern

they watched me fly away