Could you spare a moment to walk with me

down my favorite street?

Where sunlight glimmers sparingly

it's warmth enhances sweet,

the fragrance of the cherry blossoms

to permeate the breeze

where lovers walk and bees are busy

buzzing overhead.

Could you take a moment and walk with me

and gently hold my hand?

Could you take a moment to sit a spell

upon the lush green grass?

Where lovers linger telling tales,

bounding with romance,

as petals fall from cherry blossoms

delicately dance

where the air is filled with scent of cherry

sifting from the branch.

Could you take the time to dream with me

along this ripe pink path?

Would you take a moment and lean with me

against the wooden fence?

Where we'll lay our hands upon the rails

warming to the senses,

the thoughts of lovers walked before us

let your mind caress us

as sunlight shimmers through the blossoms,

gentle rays descend.

Could you take a moment to walk with me

or simply just pretend?

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saiom's picture

You create a world of beauty, love and joy
with your words
God bless you

Shaketa Copelin's picture

I LOVED this poem! Very beautiful write!

Daphne Sullivan's picture

I loved this! The title is perfect. Look forward to reading more.

Laurie  Lane's picture

That was truly precious. So sweet. It makes you smile when you read it.

ladydp2000's picture

Hello there Val..i pray for you that you're doing better everyday...i like this poem a lot very nice and refreshing! Wishing always the best to you sweety..take care now and have a wonderful day/nigh..May the Lord keep you and bless you! Lots of love, peace and happiness to you too. Always your friend Dorian

Edwin Robinette's picture

I love this one! So nicely done! I enjoy the looks of the cherry blossoms too! And the great smell! We were to get hammered today too, but for some reason, it JUST missed us and we got nothing but wind! I was kinda looking for a snow day from work! LOL No such luck!