Whisper my Willow, so softly to me through your rings.

Hold me, in your long weeping arms, cradle me gently,

As in years past.

Remembering,... when I was 2, where you would hide me

Within your tangled switches, each time mother would go mad.

She always found me and would punish you too,

Breaking off one of your slender loving arms, only to tan me with.

How you weeped! helplessly rooted,...

You could not save me.

How she could instantly turn;

wielding your gracious arms like weapons, as though my pain would be your fault.

Do Not Weep,...It's Not.

"Your poor broken arms!"  And I, too small,...

To protect you, from harm.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

childhood memory.  I actually went back to see that tree 38 years later, just to see if it still lives.  It does.  :-)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to post your thoughts. I rushed over to this stop dead in my tracks...Beautiful, beautiful poem!!!

My parents planted a tree when I took my first step. After all these years, it is still there, but has outgrown me in so many ways...It asks for light and water from my God above, but for the rest, it simply gives in ways a tree knows best. Me on the other hand, sometimes tend to ask much more than I give...The only rings we have in commen, is my wedding rings...

May God bless your day and grant you time to, in the stillness of the night, give us more of your heavenly light and 'write'

Keep well friend


Vicky Dewing

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Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind reply, and sharing your tree history with me.  quite touchin  <3

Godd Bless your goodness.



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This is beautiful! While I am here in your site I am going to read some of your other works. I am enjoying getting to know you. Thank you for visiting me In The Land Of My Dreams. We seem to write with the same emotions. The Willow is one of my very favorite trees. They are so beautiful and do seem to have a true humaness about them. The way you wrote about your mother punishing the tree by breaking its arm for your punishment was very touching. Next time you visit me you would probably enjoy A Tree In Question. I can't remember if you have commented on it as yet. Great job Val! You will probably hear more from me tonight as I wander within your halls. ~Lesa~

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Valerie, The weeping willow so meloncholy, graceful and majestic~ Ahhh.....My Great-Grandmother had a weeping Willow. So beautiful...It still stands, as well :) Lovely poem!~

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That was real deep. Very creative. So well written. Just amazing. Outstanding poem!

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Simply wonderful writing!!! This had such depth of emotion, such pain, yet such compassion as well... all blended together in a touching visualization of childhood memories....I truly felt your pain!!

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Valarie, I read quite a number of your poems and they are all of them well written. This one is nice too, and I especially like the way how you went back to the tree all of those years later. God Bless, Mike.