She was 6 when she met him.

They were not introduced, 

And she marveled at his mystery.

She sought him everyday,

Followed him to the forest,

Where his silent wars were fought.

She wondered how the hours slipped by,

When she only walked 64 steps,

Close by his heels, to his battlefield.

From the sides she joined his fights,

Mutely firing arrows from her head.

In her slumber she clashed swords,

With callow hands that knew no war.

From dusk to midnight, 

She watched his victories and defeats,

Till the woods yielded his secret.

What little she learned warmed her heart.

And in the silence around him,

The child’s infatuation slowly grew into love. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I learned chess by myself, watching my dad and uncles play. 

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Well Placed Pieces

Enjoyed reading this one ~allets~