Let's Be Young Again

Love Poems

Oh!to be young again

Frolicking in the sand

Laughter abounds

Love, all over surrounds

Ah! to taste tender kisses again

As if tomorrows will never begin

The hours to count, aging to come

So I close my eyes, so I rest

Then reality is here,to see you once more

But before it comes, let me look at you

Before I go, let me dream of you

Let's be young again, let's fall in love

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heatherburns35's picture

Very nice V. Just thinking about it makes me happy...
I love the thought..good job... h

Afzal Shauq's picture

great wish..sweet poem..meaningful and written in a quite poetic and heart touching way..well done


beautifully written,
but we'll never be young again
so its best to embrace our aging fate, our failing
mind and body
and the loss of our dreams and hopes