Are you and my poems one?

Love Poems

aside from saying my prayers at night

I read a poem or two, they make me sleep

so tight, and my dreams seems so alive

aside from looking at your pictures

I read a poem or two,your face and smile

I see, as if you're always here with me

aside from thingking of you

I read a poem or two,your memories floods

my soul,and I am transported to you

are you and my poems one?

cuz when I click this hands of mine

and begins to compose a prose, a poem,

or a song,how come you are in my mind

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heatherburns35's picture

Hi Vilma,
Good write, Enjoyed reading it.

poetvg's picture

Lovely poem
just had to
by and read
it very
good work on it

keep writing
in the future O:*)
a fan of yours peace for now Gail

heatherburns35's picture

Rereading your poem, it is more
beautiful than first time. I
think it might called love.