Love Poems

Someday when I am tired, worn and weary

         will I still remember you, who once upon a time

         took my breath away.

Someday when my eyes have gone teary,

         will I still look at you, with the look of longing

         and will I be dreamy.

And someday, when my mind goes to wander

         will you be there to ponder, and wonder

         if you and I will still be together.

Someday when I am old and gray, will I still remember

         the way you look, and the way you sway,

         when we dance to the music all the way.

Someday when the sunsets come and the end is near,

         will you be there to hold my hands,touch

         my face, and whisper the words I always hear,

Words that says, till the end you will always be my lady,

         so may the sunset never comes, the end is not near,

         cuz someday, I will wait for you until..... Eternity.

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I love this moms, Mark wants to frame it and hang it in one of the rooms,Bravo!!! Leil!