what happened where did it all go

what did i do what do i know

i never said anything bad

so then why am i so sad

i'm thinking about yesterday

and all the shit i had to say

i dont know where i'm from

i just wish for some_o_n_e

and the days are moving slowly

and i'm living without knowing

what could of been

at the end

i just wait around

looking for something i have found

there was a trap and she was the bait

and now i'm filled with ha_te

the days go by but the dont

i could die but i wont

i just sit and ask why

why did you say them lies

the time is passing me by

and i just want to cry

i wish i knew all of that

but now i just feel like a rat

dont you belive me

dont you wish to see

all the words that were said

shes sleeping in a bed of lies

and all you can do is ask why

did she say the words she did not mean

now he ran away hes nowhere to be seen

some days are like no other

somedays are better then others

somedays you dont want to wake up

somedays are so bad

somedays make you mad

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Kris Grula's picture

---this speaks volumes---truly---deeply...a wonderous piece*