Truth is...

Truth is... I thought I loved you,

but how can someone love another

who doesn't return it equally?

Truth is... I took a chance with you,

but you showed me that even chances

can go from up to down miserably.

Truth is... I hated you

time and time again, but

I kept clinging onto you childlishly.

Truth is... I saw right through you-

Your confidence was merely

covering up for your insecurities.

Truth is... fear took a hold of you,

just like me, but the difference was

you couldn't find a way to express it clearly.

Truth is... I'm angry at myself

for thinking that by staying with you,

you'd mature eventually.

Truth is... I never realized the truth

until I finally opened my eyes

and gave into what I've been blind to all this time, finally...

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