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Washington, DC

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fitness/long distance running, travel, cooking, dancing, singing/karaoke, concerts (mainstream & local), and occasional charity work

I write when I am inspired. Through my writing, I've noticed that I'm usually inspired by one of three emotions: love, anger, and sadness. Through poetic expression, I've found that these three emotions have a tendency to be correlated. One can lead to another, then back again - causing an ebb and flow of continuous feeling. But no matter how intense my emotional experiences have been, writing has consistently been my gateway to calmness and harmony. I hope you enjoy my work and I welcome any comments or feedback, as I'm always looking to improve my style and try new things :)

xoxo -Sheri

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it's pierced :)

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''Though dreams can be deceiving like faces are to hearts, they serve for sweet relieving when fantasy and reality lie too far apart...''

-Fiona Apple


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