What If . . .

What if . . . there was such thing as Neverland?
Would you go and be satified?
Or be like the rest of the world
And want more?
What if . . . your wildest dreams came true?
Would you dream of something better?
Or would you be gracious and be glad?
What if we had no wars?
Would people be happier?
Or would it create more conterversy?
What if you are lucky enough to find love?
Would you keep it?
Or would you find someone better?
These are the ifs . . .
How about you make them happen?
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it is human nature to want

it is human nature to want what we cant, or dont have. when there is peace war looms on the horizon, where there is love, a new one will find its way into the picture. If i attained my dream id be content. But as for neverland hell yeah id stay young forever!!!!