By the look on your face,

you can't hear a word that I say,

can you?


And yet, here you stand,

seemingly in arms reach

but indescribably untouchable,


A portrait of a distant memory,

flashing lights behind a screen of ice

that keeps you away from my grasp,


And still I can't help but reach out,

the frost burning my fingertips as they press against the glass,

audible cracks echo in the thin air that surrounds us,

sending chills up my arms,

through my spine,

in my heart.


In that moment, as our eyes meet,

all thats left is love, regret, and fear, 

neither of us realizing, 

it would be the last time we'd see eachother,

before the world would shatter beneath our feet.



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Engaging Write

Excellent title - slc

Lady A


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Every line kept me. Left me with chills moving through my own body. Loved it!

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