Death in the Eyes of a Phoenix

Many moons have fallen

Beyond unreachable horizons

That I’ve last felt the earth fall so still,

Once again I find myself awoken

All my senses asphyxiated within

The familiarity of a nightmare,


They are here,

They have come back for me.


Shadows gather together

Between the cracks of the sunlight’s rays

Slithering past the ivy covered walls and boarded up window panes

That I was sure could hold back their approach this time,


Catapulted into the paralysis of sickening nostalgia,

An ignited arrow shot across the blackened sky,

My breath runs off before me,

And I am left reaching out

Desperately trying to grab hold

Before it escapes me for good,

But just as water finds ways to dance away from one’s grasp

The strength of my will drips beyond my fingertips

And falls victim to the hardened gravel

Whose thirst grows beneath my feet,


Like in a storm cloud’s final moments

The rainfall softens,

Leaving behind transient pools of fluid

Of whatever substance it was

That once powered the light behind my eyes,


Their presence grows stronger,



And from my ashes

He is reborn

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allets's picture

I Like Every Line In This Poem

Especially: "Between the cracks of the sunlight’s rays" POV the phoenix. Almost a metaphysical metaphor for change or continuity or the painful act of being (re) born. when I was in grade school teach read "The Phoenix" my intro to the wonderous concept. :) slc

              BLACK LIVES MATTER!