Never Ending Storm!

It burns like acid,

what she did to you...

It wasn't fair,

You two were a perfect pair.

You understand why she did it,

Making it impossible for you to fill with hate.

Instead you find yourself filled with shame,

even more so blame...

Even though its her that's to blame,

She couldn't handle it,

She was still to much a child...

To her you were just another name,

She used to play her games.

To you it was proof,

Of the gift true love,

and that someone could love you for you!

Your heart sang out in harmony,

like two little white dove's.

Yes to it was proof that two could become one,

and through thick and thin still live in bliss.

Until now true love is a gift she choose to curse.

Now for fallen harder then ever,

your left feeling a pain no words could ever explain,

a pain that has no gain.

Your imprisoned by her,

You've looked high and low,

only to find there's no escape!

Burning inside all you try to hide,

all the pain you cant deny,

left hollow inside,

except for your sorrow.

Drenched in it but you can't let her know,

Dont dare even for a second to let it show.

For if you do she'll know she's won again,

every name she's held in the plam of her hands,

she rolled and played like a game.

It seems some people never learn from thier mistakes...

She continues to go on being the same,

Treating others as if they don't feel.

As if she's the only one who has a heart.

When what she does is heartless.

Too lost in a dream world to see realty,

Believing one can everything they want,

no matter how they treat it or how much they break it.

That it will stay forever like a stain.

There's is no gain only pain.

Like a spider she spins her web of lies, deciet, and betrayal

she'll make you believe that she's true

and as always she'll do you wrong.

When the truth comes out,

she'll spin a lil more her web,

which she does so perfectly,

until you believe your the one to blame,

for all things she does that break your heart,

shatter you soul, and leaves these tears of acid bruning down your face.

Somehow its always your fault...

There's no escape,

You cry for help but left alone,

you let it rain,

for the first time...

You let it out,

held within all the doubt,

that her love was ever true.

Leaving you to pout,

as your feeling so damn blue.

Forgotten what blue skies were like,

and that once you knew more then deadly sorrow.

Once you weren't so damn hollow...

She'll make you hate,

all you once believed in,

yourself, love, life.

She'll bring so far down,

you'll never get back up.

Sinking into your skin she's takes your life

and leaves for dead.

You can't be weak or you won't survive....

Like i did you have to hold on.

Don't let her win the fight,

Its not your fault she can't admitt,

to te truth...

All you did was love her true,

doing right by her, and sticking by her side.

No matter how many worngs nothing could make right,

Or how many tests,

she made you take....

Or how much she could be a pest,

You stuck through it all.

They say if your follow your heart it never lead you astray...

So why am i left wanting to go home....?

When there no longer is one...?

I never knew someone could hurt another so bad, so deep, that it wouldn't even bleed...

Until i met her,

growing up i'd seen the good the bad and the ugly.

But what she to me, what she left me to bear, no words could ever explain....

Twisting away at your insides it what you've lost...

Abilities you had gianed,

even though life had always left you drained

of all you truly became.

One person took everything and left nothing...

Never again will you trust someone with all of your being,

Never again will you let slide the unforgivable,

Never again will you allow yourself to fall blind to love.

Never ever again will you be decieved by your want to believen someone as true and pure.

It doesn't exist and what does makes me sick.

You'll never be the same again...

Never will you make sense of it all,

of how even when she did you so wrong,

cutting you so deep it never bled,

but, always scared you always forgave.

Never understand why you wanted to believen her so bad that you believen in all her lies,

even when you knew they held no truth....

Never know what it was that made you love her so,

or what keeps your heart from moving on...

Never capable of unloving her and hating her for her wicked ways,

That left you dead inside and cursing every breathe that your alive...

I'm done fighting it now,

it not worth the fight...

Love is a fake,

A blindfold until wake,

To see what you foolishly left at stake,

Was all you let her take...

No one to blame but yourself,

this time you sealed your own fate...

This war you can not win...

like the devil she stole your soul...

And YOU the fool that let be sold,

not even for gold....

Too naive to trust in being so bold.

Should have listened to what you were told...

Then you'd still have your heart of gold.

Everyone surrounds you continuosly telling you the same thing,

heard it so many times your ears haven't ceased in thier bleeding,

Of their broken record voices....

Your still alive in body, heart beating at a very fast pace,

as once again your told this isnt the end.

In time you will make through this bend,

and it will pass you by like any other storm....

There will be light,

When the time is right.

You sigh and nod but you know they are all wrong...

Now its time for you to no longer deny and hide away within

all you've felt so long.

Its too much to grin and bear,

A single tear falls from your eyes...

You know its time to let it flow through you,

Instead of letting it control you,

as it destroys you....

Time to take what's left of you life,

and stop living in strife...

All has been said and done...

You are still alive,

and it may never be the same as it was...

You may never be as happy or blindly fall for someone again,

You may be too wounded, to scared, for time to heal it all...

You'll never forget it all every word, touch, smile, every frown, all the laughs, your first tears of golden happiness you never knew existed,all the tears of sorrow, all the fights, all the lies, betrayal, all the fun, what she looked like or how you perfect you looked together.... Never will you forget the first time she said i love you and with one look in her eyes you knew it was true...

Never forget how she killed you in the end,

When good bye was said and you'll never really know why but you just had to do it...

Never stop wishing for her return regaurdless....

Love makes a person crazy but Alissa steals more then your heart...

Alissa makes a person remember what it was like to be whole...

And never lets you forget what you lost...

You'll never understand what went wrong exactly or why,

Why it was her who walked way a dozen times,

when it should have been you a million times....

Until at last you did what you had to break the cycle accepted your defeat
And finally said enough is enough i can take no more.
You finally packed your bag and with one last look in her eyes you said
"If only I could've forgiven you, if only you'd realy changed, if only....
As you started to cry you turned andwaked away telling yourself you id the right thing
and to
Never forget her or what you had,

Never forget for you own sake that true love exists....

And true love never dies....

Let go of the regret,

See the truth most can't even imagine, dream, or even get a chance to have true love.

Never to know what their missing, to truly feel whole, to know what happiness really is, what true sorrow feels like....

No most never even get to know what its like to be loved just as they are.

But, most of all most will never know the face,

of their soulmate and leave this world incomplete forever....

I was lucky enough to have had true love,

I'll never forget it,

I can't truly regret it,

and when im laying I'm laying on my death bed,

I will lay with a smile unlike most...

For my life has been complete,

I've lived more then most even dare to think about, I Loved Truly, and lost plenty...

For the first time now,

I'm letting go of my hope Alissa will ever return,

as someone who wuldnt hurt me again,

true love just ran too deep...

She'll never stop running...

That much I know.

Take in a deep breathe now,

it's time there's nothing left to say or do...

Sitting alone in this room,

Youre safe from her eyes, safe from others wanting to know why, and telling you she's not worth your tears...

You let it fall for the first time,

You don't try to dry it, hide it, or even deny it...

You let it all out rivers lakes ocean pouring from your eyes....

Dulling your pain inside...

Letting out your long held plead to be free again...

Let it rain,

just let it rain,

lighting strikes you as you let out a painfilled scream...

Don't stop now,

This storm is what you've been looking for,

the only escape...

Let is dull your pain inside,

so it can ease away your sorrows,

for the sake of all your tomorrows.

Broken free of her web at last,

Your enjoying your new found freedom....

You'll never forget the past.

There are some things worth remembering...

Like Being lucky enough to know true love exists.

Even how you lost it is worth remebering so next time around,

if yo ever do let go again and wth he right one,

You'll keep them by your side until the end....

Until then all one can do is let it rain, until light starts shinning through again, bringing hope of blue skies again, you'll never forget Alissa or the love you had....

But, you will see the sun again in time,

you will fix your broken wings,

you won't ever be the same again,

and time wont earse your memories,

it won't heal your scars,

but it will help you let go,

and move on.

Time will remind you that your alive,

and that life's too short to waste...

Time and this storm all you have now,

maybe one day you'll find another who

will mend your broken heart and love you true as you loved Alissa...

Maybe you'll grow to love them to,

it'll never be the same for they can never be Alissa,

perhaps that's what will make you love them even more in time...?

Only time will tell...

And this new found freedom in letting yourself go,

will you find your way home,

Home sweet home,

A home that won't run away but instead stay,

and walk with you through the miles...

I'm lettng go I'm breaking free of the deadly love,

That became all i knew...

I'm letting it rain, oh please just let it rain, Till I'm numb to the bone, until i can forget my broken heart, till I cant help but smile, till i find myself again... let it rain, let it rain, let it pour down on me freely, let me be free in the rain...vunerable more naked then i've ever dared to be...

This storm is all i know now but it won't last forever...

Until that day when the light shines through let me be naked in my rain... Just let it rain!

But the point is I lived and i left something behind...

The story that proves there is true love, it never dies, and the only regret you can ever have is if you run from it, embrace it...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Always Remeber Never Forget that:
"Its better to have
loved and lost
then to have never loved at all."

This is true even if it ends like my love did,
its worth the risk,
All the pain,
all the joy.
Life is about taking risks it called living....
And a life without love is no life at all!

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clutchforbalance's picture

Wow..this is very long..My

Wow..this is very long..My attention wandered halfway (not your fault but mine) so I'll have to come back and read it again, so humor me ;) lol

My favorite is this:

Like a spider she spins her web of lies, deciet, and betrayal
she'll make you believe that she's true
and as always she'll do you wrong.
When the truth comes out,
she'll spin a lil more her web,
which she does so perfectly,
until you believe your the one to blame,
for all things she does that break your heart,
shatter you soul, and leaves these tears of acid bruning down your face.
Somehow its always your fault...

Again, I know the feeling for I've met someone just like it.
Very good, I'll leave another comment next time :)

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...