love and hate



A day for ghouls and ghost to come about,

What a day

 My favorite of all,

 Well this Halloween blows,

It raw

My mind on what to do,

I decide

To stay home and watch

Movies with you,

Not knowing

What I was up to,

Plans of fun

 Just me and you,

My mind

Was set with you at work,

I go to get what we need

For our time,

Thanking God you

Where mine,

Little did I know?

What was up your sleeve?

A little game of trickery,

I had come home

To find you packed your things,

Leaving me wondering

Is this a joke a prank of some sort?

If it is, abort, abort

It’s not funny

Not playing anymore.

Halloween a day for fun

Yours and mine

Why did you run?

I have not a clue leaving me

Puzzled what to do,

Trick or treat

 It was neither one,

Leaving me numb,

A ghost you where in disguise

Leaving me in surprise,


 Dark and creepy just like you

Very tricky

No longer

My favorite day,

It will soon fade along with you

Into the past

All in good time

My heart will mend just fine

Ill age with

Someone until the end of my time


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what was to be a great day a slap to the face

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sort of dull. littered with

sort of dull. littered with spelling errors