Guerrilla Colombia


Took a vacation holiday to the beautiful city of medellin colombia

Long flight aboard on first class 2 attend my business meeting ready

The transaction is complete secure on the move nothing 2 lose proceed


Propose the plan build the project promise hope and change new skycrapper

Go to the slums and relate to the poor citizens that need help for improvement

Understand there struggle take the request delivery real answers they believe


Be the mayor from out of town that cares 4 there needs the hope that inspires

Listen to them that i will uplift them 4 better days never a false promise warrior

Keep at it even though i don't have the upper hand i will make sure that i complete


The mission that the lord above has sent me to do and i'm the messiah that provails

2 defeat ever difficult obsticle that comes my way i won't delay oh my we love him

A true man that shines and who is protected by the angels in heaven nothing is hard


Just do it like a nike commercial i dress 2 impress always fresh with a new gear respect

Gentleman when i speak i seak info nor do i break peak peak just another word whatever

Hit the road long drive tired from mission 2 mission on the hill hike get abducted guerrilla colombia







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