Jealousy & Envy


The day that we met i knew you were shady in disguise

But i played my part 2 remain cool calm and go with flow

We shared eachothers stories got 2 know 1 another flaws


When you needed help i was there 4 you when u called

Because i care and i am fare i rise 2 the request the rescue

Than you took my kindness 4 weakness trying 2 get access


In my mind but i declined you because your insecure exposed

Run your mouth 4 no reason 2 get attention start shit 4 pleasure

Something is bothering you but you refuse 2 address the issue


Get negative 4 no apparent reason wondering why u are lonely

Than pass bad vibe 2 your real geniue friend that was real 2 u

Nothing seems 2 please u hate the world isolated u cry and weep


In room home alone thinking going insane lash out out of emotion

Repeating cycle what 2 do i'm hateful on purpose i enjoy power

I tried 2 be me be real when we talk but you are jealous an envy






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There is no accounting for personality. She is what choices made for her and made by her have shaped her into. Hard reality. - slc