The Boss


They usually hate eachother and drop eachother without reason

He looked at me wrong he tested my manhood he shall pay instantly

I take no shit by no human i will defend myself by all means come try


Live 4 arrogance and and money in the pocket lets compete and feel complete

My bankroll in my account will make you jealous 2 keep trying harder u broke

Obey me i will pay 4 whatever you want i am the leader the achiever ur my baby


That envy's me with hate i am great your my bait i mouse that circules in the trap

Finding a way out i'm hungry i'm ready on my feet steady quickly swiftley i rise

Build the team that i rip off to make all the loot 4 me as they stress confused


Listen 2 me even when you hate me i pay u get me rich to get me on top endless

I keep a track on you i watch u i'm above you steal from me i will erase disappear

Make a move if you have the twin balls to do so i thought so stay in your lane comply


I am here 4 the taken i will generate 2 eliminate my competition i break bankruptcy

Draw the clueless business man i plan 2 rob convince him 2 invest in false agreement

Power in my hands i don't care about morals i want 2 be feed green in me i am a boss


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It Seems That Way

Doesn't it. Power corrupts, but the up and commer has delusions of what power wielding really is on the inside and at the upper levels of government-to-international-trade-markets where the big bucks are hand-passed. The usa market is limited and wealth can not be accumulated from an already "saturated" buyers market. Indentured servitude was outlawed a while back, which after slavery was abolished (free labor and non- acknowlegement of being human) unions were born. Which is why corporate managment can not join unions. Sorry. Take the money and run, you will get NO respect. I worked in corporate for 30 years.