London Youths


The menn them on the corner chilling that post up and blaze

Got alot 2 give alot 2 show they are the real deal on the microphone

Neglected forgoten society labelled them ungreaful hoodlums that rage


It's not there fault know one cared 2 listen when they reach out 4 help

Laugh at them when they slain each other knife crime in there prime kids

Unsolved murder case lonely mother searching 4 an answer why my son died?


No after school program 2 keep them off the block 4 them 2 stay productive 

Under funded youth centers walking around paranoid carry a shank 2 survice

Just 2 avoid there enemy that stalks everytime the lonely soul is out n about


Come back home in unable conditions fights after next destructive household dysfucntional

Hard 2 bare or deal with irritation leave the house never come back make moves get money

Get corrupted by the local drug dealers 2 be a "runner" get paid less 2 put yourself at risk


I'm hungry i need the money i'm alone no home i will eat by any means necessary unstoppable

Play the game till i make it 2 the top 2 give the order that i was given rise to the occassion top

In 2 deep i can't escape i'm in doctornated this is my life get caught lacking dropped London Youths  











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Detroit Youth

Youth programs needed desperately. I was  thinking about youth programs yesterday. They were cut when the price of labor rose and the cost of light and heat rose. Churches never picked up the slack for the same reasons. Gotta pay the light bill. -slc