The Temp Worker


Show up 2 work on time 2 handle business 2 rise 2 the occassion shine

Unexpect the unexpected nerve chills shook the veins leaving you worried

But you held your own 2 cooperate 2 follow the command at hand instructions


Just 2 never break under pressure when your lost on what 2 do ask if your unware

Stay cool calm and collective do your duties deligently with class and precise stamina

Focus to avoid the silly stumble falls that will expose camera snaps posted social media 


So that hater co-workers have a reason 2 laugh at you 4 pleasure and entertaiment a joke

Brush them with a smile and a consistent work pace flow 2 make them jealous supervisor sees

2 have a rep feedback 2 your manager that smart indvidual went in 2 never try 2 kiss the ass


We want him or her back 4 a second week 2 put in work and stay humble teach the new beginners 2 hush silent

Show them the teachque that they lack that have them sweating tears drips because there soft unable to perform

Than they relize later that they should have paid attention and observe there surroundings than no accidents occur


The clock is thicking 4 more hours 2 go till i reach home stay at it keep moving keep working watch me as i do the same

Appreciate me that relaxed king that glows with charisma went in on full beast mode 2 be liked 2 be remembered name rings

Just do you don't be someone that your not see the bullshit in peoples eyes a ghost aim high used i get money the temp worker 
















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I've Worked As A Temp

Full time is better. Good write, aptly portrayed, intuitively felt - slc