What's health care?


I went in 2 get medical attention seek we don't care

Alberta arrogant bunny toy they smile laugh away

The nurse who gets paid 2 nurse me did not try


She had the nerve to check my blood pressure with pain

What should i do choke the bitch or keep it real G i'm me

Just 4 her 2 know i ain't no punk put the fear in her i will contaminate


It hurts you your soft you tried i love you winklink keep at it if it matters

Fraglle bones i have the upper crone your toy R US a walk in the park a fruit

When the needy needed you you bitch arrrogant flower looked no attention


As the hours went by you the evil heart the retard who gives no fuckS about me gream stink

The patient i am you as a female showed testostarone i put you in your place dismissed next

When he the snake piece off shit emergency doc told a sick hemorriods patient no help treatment



What has humanity come 2 when you as a person reach out the cry 4 help when they walk

They see you as a dollar sign a walkie talkie spread the word they are turds build ranks empire

Ask yourself this questions if my well being does not agree with professionals what's health care?










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Socialized Medicine

Anti-social care for so many, they're reduced to numbers and diagnoses, dolalr signs and one more body. Doctors are arrogant, nurses are nice here though, mostly. You have to watch them in the hospital though, they can kill you by accident. All of 'em. - From the patient's perspective, they're not going to listen, they work for the government, they don't have to listen. - slc