My Hoyo



The only person that went through pain 2 push me out

5 hour labour struggle she did her best 2 release i'm born

Breast feed me intimate connection knowing that i am beauty


Amazed relieved at ease that i carry no illness thank god healthy

Look at my offspring with desire i'm hooked speechless with love

Eager 2 let the doctors notify me to take my child home discharge


So that i can be free 2 embrace my seed to give him or her everthing

Teach my kiddle right from wrong encourge workout hit the gym sweat

Just 2 stay out of trouble 2 never rumble a convict criminal record disregard


Switch off the T.V. stay focused you must read 2 achieve 2 lead i believe

Pass it on help to uplift challenge yourself go all they way do not delay

Set a strict example as parents 2 never let our own break rules disorderly


Let our lovely child learn with reason 2 think of life's consciousness no mistakes

Built them up when there vulnerable destructive uncooperative addddd circles

Glad that i had you i love u i will provide 4 you i'm here 4 u mother in african hoyo




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Hoyo hoyo is a celebraton by

Hoyo hoyo is a celebraton by Christian Eritrians in September. I had never heard the term before. Thanks for the update, the african safari lodge did not see to work as a reference, so I looked further. - Good adivce in her for parents - It takes a village the size of the world to raise a child. - slc.