The Artist


When i here the beat i don't think twice spazz easily

I come off top it's in me i do regularly i keep going

On cloud ozone Jupiter, Mars, venus, i am the galaxy


Just 2 feel at ease that i can try 2 go ham with astonishment

One take i release the emotions in me i press record a hit

Than listen 2 the track that i made a song with delivery


Quickly swiftly mandatory continue till i run out of oxygen

Take a deep breathe compose the truth 2 feel the vibes banboon

Hanranguatan thats in the jungle take a break i eat banana


Oblivated feeling relaxed without the narcotics spit the vocab audience

They pay attention or if they did jealous they wish they had the courage

Insecure because they would rather see you sad then happy they need help


I am a real person that gos with flow i have easy talent instead of violence poet

Express the pain in me that strain me that makes me worry that conflicts

From this day on and after i will sing rap away get money help my family the artist










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Nice Spit

Not into rap usually, occasionaly somebody gets it artistically original. Rare - slc