Partners n Love


When we first met eachother we were hesitant to feel free

As time flu by our connection towards us became stronger

Knowing that we will always be there 4 eachother till death


Face difficult circumstances with reasonable understanding push

Handle our business to be a role model to avoid negative temptations

Just to be remembered 4 the effort that those 2 indiviuals paved tried


Do as we please live our life stress free talk relate enjoy smile humble

Why worry why cry why hide when we can face our deep fears to prevail

Stay in shape hit the gym burn of steam fitness good health and longevity


Share what we have give from our hearts never let money make you a greed

Help to inspire encourage lifestyle change uplift the lost hopeless person in need

So that the lord above can grant you a place in heaven because we were righteous


Nothing can stop us from living our lifes to the fullest to explore capture new horizons

Build the portfolio on file to go back reminisce the good and the bad encounters pictures

As we fall asleep next to eachother making eye contact cuddle toss n turn partners n love







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Love Poems

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