''Che'' Guevara


From Rosario, Argentina a young man had a dream

He witnessed poverty hunger and mistreatment

Studied medicine and became a licensed physician


Gave aid helped those in need with critical conditions

Traveled throughout south america to make change

Gathered the troops to fight the corrupt U.S. C.I.A


Joined the 26th of july movement and sailed to Cuba

Fidel Castros right hand man to defend the island

Guerrila warfare fight in the jungle to rise overcome


A man on a mission day by day he stood his ground

Secure all territories keep watch of the infidel intruders

Defend the honour by any means necessary full combat


Hero around the world his courage to rise seek justice

Visionary who saw unjust to improve freedom and rights

Took action global icon Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara






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are naming their daughers Che. Jungle life is no easy path. He did not live to see the nation rise into the vision and actualize the dream. Relaxed relations with usa still meets with resistance: Communist understand the purposes of greedy  exploiters of labor and governments - usa finally lifted embargo and did not gain much of a market op. Not yet. Cruises are stopping there (friends went last month). Friend from college cut cane there in the 60's.-  slc