Social Media


In today's world we've lost verbal communication

Gather in groups say hi in silent speaker in mute

Pretend to be aware unconcerned shook afraid


Text and drive sudden surprise road collision

Crying in pain wishing it wasn't you or true

Disfigured facial punctured lifetime scare


It's part of life walk it off and hope it heals

Struggling in pain no one cares left unattended

You thought you were unstoppable gods answer


Pay attention observe your surroundings confused

Take a picture when someone is violated recorded

Go home laugh at that victim post it for joy and kicks


If only you realized the shame and misjudge it creates

The light might shine the call from god will rise testimony

Be human have common sense don't be controlled social media









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Some Believe

If it is written and published that it is TRUE. While looking at the unresearched articles and claims, we might want to revist school and college curriculums. The smartest are sometimes a liability. Malarky is the word.- slc