Spiritual Awakening


My body is poisoned the evil intent that destroys

I need healing i need understanding no judgement

All my life i was obedient mind control by others a servant


Lost control acting crazy riding the subway multiply stops longway

Hoping to meet the sincere kindhearted person to break it down to relate 

So that they can tell the man in pain your talented with much courage to gain


Your not alone the world and people are cruel in due time you will rise and win

Have hope bow down and cry repent and pray fight the curse within inspire

Its hard to conform it takes strong will to perform close your eyes see the angels


The attempt was felt by the lord above no one else came near hear the message closer

It's ok don't delay you are brave a heart of lion be vulnerable be free let out your deep emotions

We care the fake individuals that look down on you with a silly stare will encourage you to fail


Kick dust put them in there place don't be peer pressured to obey let them know im grown

Follow the good deed i'm not a greed i have visions to succeed ambitious determined proceed

I have father god beside my side to help me fight the parasites that puts me down spiritual awakening




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I Fight The Battle of "I'm Grown"

The pat on the head

is like a sledgehammer

and the talking to

like I don't know anything

is insulting, but you put

up with it to keep peace

and hope they go

patronizingly home