Gold Digger

Met a women who would rub my back and make me feel at ease

Felt for her believed in her never thought chaos for the worst

She played lied to me in disguise what a waste just a nightmare


A gentleman i am showed her a wonderful time

False hope she pretend to be happy con artist 4 the taken

Late night phone convo share the secret and relate


Should have known the tricks she acted impressed and trapped

Sophiscated with designer dress rate me look show and tell wow

Seek the unaware make my mark give me all empty the pocket


Who cares broken hearted slip and slide dark vampire

Mislead the playboy get what i want leave and expire

Roller coaster relationship ignore the baller who inspires


Shine be yourself these wolfs see everthing and attack

Dollar sign is there motivation smile collect the cheque

Nothing is new on a mission another day just a gold digger





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Hi Canada

Upnorth_6 - nice moniker. slc