House of Paradise

House of Paradise

Why Must you Taunt Me, My Dear Sun?

A doze roses... a darkened cloud... the perfect harmony... a caring hug... the busiest bee...the sweetest kiss... the freshest scent... the delighted laughter... a comfortable breeze... a melodious poem.. a compelling sleep spell... and a lucid dream.

I'm in a House of Paradise

Why Must I Yearn you, My Dear Breath?

A dozen red roses... a darkened rain cloud.. the perfect rhythmic harmony... a compassionate caring hug.. the busiest buzzing bee... the sweetest softest kiss... the freshest reminiscent scent... the loudest delighted laughter.. a comfortable cooling breeze... a melodious heartfelt poem... a compelling deserved sleep spell.. and a lucid colorful dream.

I'm in a Card House of Paradise.

Why Must I Cherish You, My Dear Earth?

A dozen sweet smelling lovely layered red roses... a darkened dripping gray rain cloud.. the perfectly intense rhythmical musical harmony... a long awaited compassionate caring bear hug.. the smartest busiest buzzing bee in the brightest flower... the sweetest softest wettest lip locking kiss... the freshest mind numbing scent of reminiscent day dreams.. the loudest contagiously delighted laughter... a comfortable whispering cooling breeze... a melodious apologetic understanding heartfelt love poem... a compelling deserved relaxing sleep spell.. and a lucid vibrantly colored dream.

I'm in a Crumbling Card House Of Paradise

Why Must You Heal me, My Dear Sense?

A dozen sweet smelling lovely layered roses, given by a sincere young man. A darkened dripping gray rain cloud roaring through the sky. The perfectly spoken rhythmical screeching intense musical harmony. A long awaited compassionate caring bear hug leaving no breath and a warm heart. The smartest busiest buzzing bee bargaining with the brightest blooming flower. The sweetest softest wettest lip-locking kiss, when words are absent from memory. The moistly freshest mind-numbing scent of the reminiscent day dreams in memory of one beautiful spring day. The loudest contagiously delighted laughter bursting from the shyest mouth. A comfortably cool breeze whispering among the swaying trees. A melodious apologetic understandingly deserved relaxing sleep spell after a day of worry and painful exhaustion. And a lucid vibrantly colored dream of the days to come.

I'm in a Crumbling Card House of Paradise Watching the walls move as my hope dissolves, and only my faith can mend the unstable card foundation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after 'taking a break' with my love. We had just gotten back together on this perfect day, and I was inspired. I thought it would be fun to sort of add adjectives as I went along. It was also my first poem to read at a coffee house. :)

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