Dear Death

Dear Death

Help me Please.

Take away an enemy.

take away his right to breathe.

his right to see.

his right to be.

His right to live a life with me.

if not a being whom I despise

remove a being who's not too wise.

Let me see death through his eyes

His dying breath- his last long cries

Oh Death!

Let me see his family suffer

his heartbroken dad, his meloncholic mother

show me what to some is just another

a missing child, a decapitated brother

Show me a young mans constant pain

as the disease he fights eats his brain

let his twitching and mumbling explain

that death is a reality, crude and mundane

Show me death, a circle of sorrow

And I will learn how a person must let go.

Show me on someone else, the end of tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem written when I was angry an an enemy and aware that I had still not experienced the death of someone close to me. It makes more sense if you read it that way methinks.

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