We walk up the river during the shadowy rain,

we talk of our loves, our hates, our pain

a drip off your hair rolls down your cold curves

Each crack of thunder is building my nerves

It's the first spring day we've spent at the marsh

You gently apoligize for all those words that were harsh

I stare in your eyes of soft, smokey green

wishing you knew what those deep eyes could mean.

The air is humid, foggy and calm

The storm has passed, we move along

the ripples of water touch our bare skin

Leaves from the breeze slowly find their way in

You looked at me, I looked at you,

no one could guess what we wanted to do

But my eyes rest on your forbidden lips

That once upon a time I begged to kiss

The light whips above us in the night sky,

and I jump, to my suprise.

Were lost in thoughts, me of my pervious depression

You, of your one last confession

Lightning strikes again, and we continue our Charade

neither of us knew the game about to be played


We played the game, I laughed, you sang

We thought it ws fun, til it was done, we'll never play again.

My hand is shaking, was I faking?

Your death was so breath taking

The muddy water is red, and hotter

The time slips from my mind, and I have much to ponder

Why can't I be you? Be Dead? Be Blue?

Slaughtered by a friend you thought was true

I'm dirty, I'm scared,

destroyed the one who I most cared

no feelings were shared.

I'm empty, I'm hollow,

left with nothing but sorrow,

and my hate for tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem that is metaphorical to the love I have for a man that moved and changed his name to avoid me.

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