One Night Love Stand

With old books closed pene new fairy tales

an anxious love affair

peaked by one nights arousal

a curosity for mystery

a desire to throw it all away

for this profound new day

for a new outlook on life

a new man cheating on his wife

a one night love stand

who knows if you'll meet him again

he whispered all the words you loved to hear

Philosophies and petishes

a common bond made strong and long

tht dissappeared after one nights kiss

a one night love stand you'll ocassionally miss

But after all -

your day enthralled

was just a horny man

with your life upon his hand

a mask on any mans face

would get you to his place.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wasn't mentally sober when I wrote this, i was trying to comprehend how easy it is for someone you love to come into your life, and how hard it is for them to become someone you're in love with.

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