The earthy soil taste of your silencing rag burned a taste against my lips,

the burns cealing them shut, and your painfull painless kiss..

i should have headed the sharp whispers of warning the air spoke to my ears that My eyes refused to see.. and ears that did not hear..

oh how i wish the whispers to have been something more than silent screams.. and left in my stomach something other than regret and fear..

and my ears which did not hear deafened by my silent screams.. and eyes blinded with tears..

but only wishes.. for dreams are more real when only distant memories.. and wishing wishes changes not of where we stand..

You who promised me safety.. blind to my tears And deaf to my screams.

you who thought you knew me.. blessed with ignorance and unhaunted by dreams..

what a precious thing ignorance can be,

When the mind lets you forget the cruel memory..

does your mind burn and twist in some of the most painful ways.. just like mine? 

Or do you still guise yourself behind your thick innocent guilty lie..

which is worse? I am not sure.. writhing in pain? Or paralysed to any feeling at all?..

and how many? How many innocent doves die from your guilty guiltless touch?

how many roses simply cut of from like from your simple careless pluck..

petals are lost.. yet the flower still not dead.. as the roots grip the earth with desperation and cry for life you so easily take..

a smile is so easy to steal.. tears simple to create.. yet no one in the world can smile you a replace..

you can sew the skin together, 

pretend its not there..

until the bandage is lifted.. and exposed to harsh air

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"harsh air"

Nice image - slc