Have you ever experience an anger so unrecognizable that it blinded your vision?

I have


Being in a relatioship with a guy who loves you more than you love him

Is torture.


You can't slow down and you can't speed up. 

Your stuck at the level you started while he is continuously leveling up.


I told him my secrets, he listened

I told him my problems, he helped

I told him my day, he judged me


Accusation, accusation


Why couldn't he believe that he could be with someone like me?

Cheating was not my specialty at the time.

I was all his, but he didnt believe it


My mother saw me crying, and said:

"No tears should be shed for a man"

She never met him, she already didnt like him.


But I understood, I had to end it. 

I did.


He pleaded his case. He would change. I took him back.

In one condition, if he started again. It's over.


It lasted a week. He was my first, if you know what I mean.

I try to make it work. My effort were useless and unappreciated.


Then it came. The dark cloud that changed my life forever.


He called, harrasing me, telling all my secrets.

He asked for everything back. Everything that was ever given to me.

So be it.


The night was dark and cold.

It didn't end well.


A war broke lose, Sisters vs Friends.

Mothers got involve.


We went back to the car, that's when the driver glass broke

I heard the scream of terror

The glass shattered everywhere on my sister

She could have gotten hurt


And then nothing mattered 

I was a lioness ready to attack


I charged for him 

Like a bull blinded by the red cape

My target


It took three people to hold me back

I was ready to kill. He was afraid.

I coud see it in his eyes


The next few days 

Were a daze

I wasn't myself

How could I when it was all my fault?


Since that day, I never dated someone twice







Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was my first real relationship. Tells a lot about the man I pick

It was the first time I saw red as anger spread through me. 

I think I would had killed him if I had my hands on him or injured him really badly. 

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Wow. I can actually relate to

Wow. I can actually relate to some of this. 

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Wanting To Kill

Now there's a thought. I have wished individals ill or wished they would go away, but murder is harsh after a first date. One night stands? Hmmmmmmmmm. ~~Lady A~~



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one night stand wouldnt be

one night stand wouldnt be the case we dated for 9 months he almost hurt my sister i never been so angry in my life like i said anger is not an emotion i handle well. 

Paris Je T'aime!

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Get some. Poetry is about discipline and clarity using emotion as a motif or as a metaphor - keep writing though, prose might be an outlet. Writing purges. Anger does not entertain or enlighten, the purpose of professional writing. Like I said, handle it or it will handle you. Glad you like Paris. That's cute. ~A