Breaking Free

I just don't listen to what people have to say for my own good. The only difference between me and other people, seems to be that I can't do what I want whenever I want to. FALSE!


"I'm trap in a box of dispair and in complete lockdown!"

I never could stand up for myself. Therefore I was always to bow down to those higher than me. They know better, they're more responsible,  they understand faster, they think smarter...


So why is it that I want to break free so bad? I don't want to b like other people. Slaves to their own lives. I just want to be me!

But how do I make it happen, when people are watching my every move?


One mistake and it's back to being a slave. How do I Break free and become the young, mature, responsble women that I should be?

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. LOVE YOURSELF! Stand up for what you believe in. 

And you know what? I will! WATCH ME.

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