My sweet

There's a lot I could say 

but I can't find the words to tell you

just how much you mean to me

just how much I love you

because I hide and cower

thinking that you will leave me

everyone else has...

how could you not?

yet you tell me I'm one of a kind

and that I'm special

but I still can't wrap my head

around the the thought you think I'm worth it

and even though I'm insecure

i love you more than you love me

i love you more than the shore loves the sea

i love you more than I love chocolate

i love you more than I can ever say 

i love you more and more every single day



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Very Sweet, Cute, Adorable

Very Sweet, Cute, Adorable And Loving <3

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I am so glad that you're

I am so glad that you're beginning to understand the great mystery! -Seraphim

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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Good expression. Enjoyed

Good expression. Enjoyed it.


...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "