What are you like?

Thats what they ask.


I say..

..I can tell you what she was like.


Shes beautiful.

She loved the sunshine.




Kindest kid I know.


Very brave.


Loves to dance.

Easily hurt,

and stubborn, just like me.


Thing I was most proud of?


You were kind.


Came from a pit of vipers.

Not an honest, decent or kind one in the whole nest.


And me? I just try really, really, really, hard.

Every day.


I see someone in a tight spot,

No one else giving a shit,

and I think?


What would you want me to do?

Then I do my best.


Got nothing else on..


Drugs, Drink,

Rock and Roll?

Nah.. well, maybe a little drink..


Anyway, the music's been rubbish for at least ten years..


I let you down sometimes.

Its not easy.


I know its not easy for you, too.

..I'm sorry.


I miss you.


I love you.


All I can say is,

always try to do the right thing.


Sometimes, its not easy to know what that is.

You used to show me.





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And Just Maybe

a lit bit o rock & roll - Night. Mom :D Cool write. Enjoyed endlessly. ~allets~