Take Me Home

Ugonna Wachuku


My heart is so silent.

Today is another new



Shadows of the early

morning sun draw patterns

on my weary window. I must

rise to face this new dawn

with hope and courage.


I must be the me I am for

the journey through this

beckoning day.


Swaying trees and whistling

wind glide across my view;

splashing nature's radiant

beauty across my face.


In your eyes; in your glad,

inspiring breath, I see

treasurable paths to follow.


In your open arms of love,

I see heaven's caring call.

I breath of strengthening

freshness from natur's

healing heart.


And in the hollow of your

enfolding hands, I whisper,

take me home for a peaceful

rest. It's so troubling here.

Take me home for a peaceful

rest. I have come this far.  


I have gone the distance.

Please, take me home for a

peaceful rest.


Take Me Home: 
~ Critiques/Comments ~

Misty Lackey

home is the best place to rest, your words in this poem is a come on
lets get forward to movement toward home because I am tired and need
to rest now:-)

Serene Moment

I love the serene feel of your calling home.  I see two meanings
here of home.  The home of rest or our physical dwelling place and the
home we have that's prepared for us in heaven.  Heaven is the best
home there is... the best place of rest from our earthly toils.  I
love the meaning of this piece.  Regards. ^_^

Bernard Shaw

As usual a wonderful piece of poetry. Written with the delicate touch
of a master. I feel the awakening of a new day with the promise of
natures most bountious of gifts also a touch of sadness in the wanting
to go home to the promised land of our Father. I too sometimes feel
this great need but I have learned in my seventy two years of age to
be patient. My time is coming and we will meet up in the promised
land. Two souls united in our love for poetry and the beautiful things
of this life. May the blessings be with you always from bern
2002-05-20 15:14:26


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