Hazardous Waste

Stumble upon pages, that I never learned to finish

Hear the thumping and the band calling, from a thrown away key.

My body crumbles and I see the heart near my wrist

And all along I stagger, while hopes and thoughts fail me.

Climb into a bed made for one lonely being. 

Play some music that I've heard a million different times. 

Say something that hides the pain, that I have been seeing. 

And all along I fade, into a list of forgotten sighs.

Maybe if I wear my hair like this I'll be okay. 

Maybe if I put this make-up on I'll love myself more. 

Maybe if I fake a smile you won't see my blade

That I've pushed into my very own back, to rip out my core. 

Bandage my heart and give more chances

I heard you liked the way my mind works, in circles and in doubt

My, how you can make so many subtle enhances,

And all along, I study, the way your face fades in and out. 

Crumble pages and pretend they don't exist

I played with temptation, and let my mind play dirty

You crept beside me and began to insist

That all along you held, that thrown away key.

Maybe if I move more I'll be alright. 

Maybe if I get a lift, I'll be fucking pretty. 

Maybe if I tell you that I don't want to fight 

You'll finally realize I'm nothing that you need. 

Start from scratch. 

Understand I'm just young. 

I don't want it to hatch. 

I'm sorry but I'll just bite my tongue.

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I don't wanna hatch either! - nice write. I'm just young. Shit yeah only I'm just old. Insert chuckle, chuckle and a tee hee here. A stirring write anyone in a relationship can glean wisdom from with agreement and a nod. - allets -